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​We offer a variety of products and services. All of our animals are fed non-gmo, organic grains and raised on pasture. Click below to find out more about what we offer!

Beef Bone Broth

Savor the rich, comforting taste of Woape Farm's Beef Bone Broth, a nourishing blend perfect for soups, stews, or enjoying on its own. Our carefully crafted broth starts with the finest beef bones, simmered slowly to extract maximum flavor. Our Beef Bone Broth is a testament to simple, wholesome ingredients transforming into something truly delicious. Keep it refrigerated or frozen to maintain its freshness. For the best experience, use within seven days of thawing. It's not just broth; it's a jar of homemade goodness that brings warmth and nutrition to your table.

Bone Broth
Horseshoe Hangers.jpg

Horseshoe Hanger

Our authentic hangers are crafted from real horseshoes, combining equestrian flair with functional design. These unique pieces are perfect for adding a country-chic accent to any room. Use them to hang your coats, hats, gardening tools, or even as an inventive towel holder. Each horseshoe is carefully selected for character and durability, ensuring a long-lasting addition to your decor. Now available for purchase, our Horseshoe Hangers invite the spirit of the stable into your home with a practical twist. 

Horseshoe Hange


Hand Crafted, All Natural Goat-Milk Soap

Hand Crafted, All Natural Goat-Milk Soap

Our hand crafted goat milk soap is made with ingredients found right here on our farm. Many of the herbs are grown in our grow beds and the goats produce the milk used to make every bar. What isn't produced on our farm is sourced to ensure it is natural. This keeps our ingredients to an absolute minimum of 8 or 9 depending on the type of soap you purchase. Scents we offer are Jasmine, Rosemary, Lavender, Harvest Spice, Lemongrass, Shave Bar, Coffee Scrub, Naked Goat, and Peppermint.

Farm Fresh Eggs

Farm Fresh Eggs

Our farm fresh eggs come from a variety of free-ranging hens. Our egg layers are allowed to roam our entire 31 acre property if they desire, consuming everything they want from pecans and Bermuda grass to insects and blackberries. We supplement their diet with organic grains and trace minerals to ensure they are as healthy as they can be. This produces an egg with a darker, more golden yolk and a richer flavor than can be found in most grocery stores.


Whole Roasting Hens

Our whole roasting hens are a Cornish-cross breed, which is used a lot in commercial poultry. Where we depart from commercial poultry production is by ensuring these animals have free range of our property, are allowed as much vegetation forage as they can consume, and supplemented with the best organic grains to maintain their health. We also keep them on property for approximately 6-8 months, which is double to triple the amount of time they have in a commercial poultry operation. This allows our birds to gain some extra weight and hold on to that beautiful golden fat that makes them some of the best tasting birds you'll eat!

Whole Roasting Hens

Grass Fed/Grass Finished Beef

Our grass fed and grass finished beef is from our Pineywoods cattle. This beautiful bovine is considered to be a native species to the state of Georgia and is on the Livestock Conservancy list as endangered. Breeding, raising, and selling these animals helps to bring awareness to this beautiful animal and build the herd.

Grass Fed/Grass Finished Beef

Seasonal Turkey

(meaning it is raised for the Thanksgiving & Christmas Seasons)


Our seasonal turkeys are raised on pasture, fed an organic diet of grains, and allowed to forage for insects and consume large quantities of pasture vegetation. We believe this adds to the overall flavor of these birds. In recent years we have added the White Holland breed which is on the threatened species list and the Chocolate Turkey breed which is critically endangered. Raising these animals brings awareness to the breed and helps to perpetuate the species.

Seasonal Turkey

Supervised Service Hours for Students

If you're a student in elementary, middle, or high school, or even a college student looking for a volunteer service project or volunteer service hours, look no further than Woape Farm LLC! We work with many of the local schools and universities to ensure you have a place you can earn your service hours, receive the credit, learn a lot in the process, and have some fun too!

Supervised Service Areas for Students

Springtime Yoga at the Farm

When we are able, we partner with local yoga studios to have springtime yoga on the farm. This allows all participants to connect with nature, enjoy the fresh air, and meet our friendly animals! We have even offered goat yoga if the time is right for baby goats and yoga participants!

Springtime Yoga at the Farm

Farm Tours by Request


If you are interested in learning more about our farm, multi-species farms, or small farms in general, contact us to set up a farm tour! Our owners, board members, and staff would be happy to walk you and your group through our farm and explain what makes us unique and so very special.

Farm Tours by Request
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