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The word "Woape" (woh-ah-pay) comes from the Lakota Sioux word for hope. Woape is the foundation of the farm. It is our goal to provide a healthy, pasture-raised, natural, and chemical-free product to our community customers. But moreover we hope to provide a therapeutic environment where people can learn, relax, and enjoy the land. Moreover, it is a place to connect the members of our wonderful community not just with the farm and the environment but also with each other.



Our farm model revolves around the idea of building the soil to build the farm. This is done through species-specific grazing practices that allow each species of livestock to live as they were intended and impact their environment in the way that they would in the wild. Over time, this process builds the natural, organic, and carbon absorbing (humus) layer of soil which is essential to healthy plant life. Soil is the foundation of any farm, and our model is to build a solid foundation.


Woape Farm LLC is built on a scalable model that allows for growth over time of both customer-base and livestock variety. We offer our customers the best our animals can produce. Whether it's our farm fresh eggs, whole roasting hens, seasonal turkey, raised on-site beef or goat milk soap, the products that come from our farm are raised locally and fed with the best, most natural, organic ingredients we can provide.


In keeping with our commitment to connect with members of our community, our farm provides a place to bond between our varied and diverse neighbors, including youth groups such as FFA, 4H, JROTC, Scouts, elementary through college students, and church groups. We offer a place where our military veterans and their families can not only learn agricultural skills, but also pass along their skills and stories to other members of our community, bringing us all a little closer together.

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